You only have one life so make it count!  As your coach, I will help you take the steps necessary to start living a healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful life. I want to help you become mentally and physically strong.  Stop playing it safe.  Start living the life you were meant to live!


Everything we think and feel relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and our results. In order to lessen stress, create more energy, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must learn to create what you crave. 


When you look in the mirror do you notice your pooching stomach, your big booty, your flabby arms?  Do you think you just need more willpower not to eat the cookie?  Do you turn to food when you are stressed or overwhelmed? 

As your BARE method coach, I will teach you :  

- How to look in the mirror and see a strong, firece, bold woman.

-  How to help you add pleasure to your life.

-  How to manage your thoughts and emotions 

-How to stop the negative chatter in your head and make necessary changes to start seeing your body with love and treating it with respect.  

Each week, I will give you tools to start transforming your life.  Let me be clear..- this is not going to be easy.  You will have to do the work.  You will get uncomfortable at times.  It's worth it. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

There is only one you.  You are freaking amazing!

This method has ROCKED my world!  I know it will transform yours, too.



  Working with Amy was a life changing experience!  She is a gifted life coach with an optimistic perspective that not many people have naturally.  Every time I spend time with her, I feel as if I have consumed a Red Bull; the positive energy she gives off is contagious! You can’t help to feel happy just being in her presence.  The tasks she had me do after each session really helped me implement the much needed self-change to create balance and happiness in my life.  These challenges were relevant to push me forward, and to get me to the place I needed to be right now at this stage of my life.  I prayed for change in my life and her coaching style and sessions were without a doubt heaven sent.  I don’t believe in coincidence; being a part of her movement to empower women was divine intervention and something I desperately needed in my life at this time.

 Amy is the complete package - down to earth, approachable, productive, supportive, dynamic, highly interactive, and encouraging.  Her extreme enthusiasm and supportive coaching style puts her at a higher level than most.    

 As a result of Amy’s coaching, I have transformed the way I live each day, from the importance of my decisions to how I think of myself.  One major point she really drove home with me was that, “I am worth it!”  She is the one who is worth it!  You can’t put a price on the valuable lessons she will teach you about how to live a happy, well balanced life in this crazy world!  Every session with her was eye opening; I can’t even begin to count how many A-ha moments I had!  Her coaching sessions went above and beyond my expectations. 

 I believe the greatest impact Amy had on me was to show up and present my best self to the world.  She gave me the tools I needed to do just that. 

                                                                                                                                                - Betsy, Illinois

 Amy is a breath of fresh air! Her encouragement and guidance help me to get past my perceived limitations and allow me to take risks I would not normally take on my own. Now I am able to see where little changes in my thinking create big results in my life. Plus, she makes it fun! I happily work harder and smarter toward my goals while she coaches me and she never lets me get down on myself. She always has a funny story, a clarifying analogy and a supportive shoulder. Since I started working with Amy I'm more confident, I take better care of myself and I'm more open and available in my life. I am so glad I found her!

                                                                                                                                      - Ellen, New York

 “Amy gave me concise, concrete and simple ways to create long-lasting, positive changes in my daily life!  Her methods are so manageable, but truly have resulted in considerably improving my outlook and confidence.” 

 “Let Amy help you declutter your life, your mind and your heart.  You won’t regret it!” 

 “Live your best and bravest life with Amy’s help.  Her positivity and undeniable spirit is contagious!" 

                                                      ~ Amy, Missouri

 "Continuing with your work, I have somehow, magically, lost the 10 stubborn pounds I'd gained after my son left 'regular' school. I am sure it's from the extra energy and focus on what lights me up and fills me with fun and pleasure and inspiration. There's no room for a pity party when I'm all jazzed up!"


 "Amy's approach to life coaching is genuine and achievable.  Walking through the group with Amy helped me find clarity in aspects of my life that I hadn't really felt needed any.  Amy helped motivate me to see myself as being important again.  My needs and wants as priorities, rather than after thoughts.  I appreciated each step of the process and noticed immediate benefits.  Amy is honest and real.  She is on fire for the BARE method and her energy will inspire you too." 

                                                           ~ MC, Illinois